Facebook reviews

Facebook is the world’s #1 social network. You can rest assured that this is one of the places where your current and potential customers will be looking for your business.

Controlling your Facebook reputation requires commitment and dedication.
For starters, follow these steps to set up your business page:

  1. Set up an account
  2. Name your page
  3. Fill in all the information; use keywords for webcrawlers
  4. Create a Banner and profile photo that connects with your business image
  5. Create a stream of engaging and creative posts
  6. Read and Respond to comments
  7. Encourage customers to leave reviews

Growing an audience that follows your posts takes time and dedicated communication. Eventually, interested followers will start to interact with your posts.

Although we would never want to read or hear a bad review, it is inevitable that you will be getting one or more customer complaints. But you can control that by responding to the comments and addressing its circumstances quickly. Offering a solution and sometimes an apology helps to create trust and perhaps retains a customer that otherwise could have been lost. Remember, showing that you listen to the critics shows that you care for your customers and also helps you find out where the mistakes are so you are able to fix them. You don’t want other people to read these comments and turn away before even giving you a chance to provide them with good service.

Always encourage positive reviews and thank them for their feedback. It is important to keep a good reputation on Facebook as well as other social media channels especially those in Google that appear while making a search.

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Word of Mouth

There is a common saying “the best advertising is by the word of mouth” but how does a restaurant owner influence word of mouth advertising? – The best way is to create a good impression that eventually creates a good reputation through the people that feel that they had a good experience during their visit to your restaurant.
Although this form of advertisement is effective, it can take a long time to achieve the fast results that your business needs to maintain itself.  Keep in mind that other forms of advertisement are equally important and needed.

How does one achieve popularity through word of mouth? For a restaurant to establish a good will it must be given a certain level of attention and satisfaction to the customers including: good food, good service, good atmosphere, cleanliness and even schedules and consistency. Once we have achieved a balance in all those “ingredients” the reputation will start growing. The most effective way to spread the customer satisfaction opinions is through social media. A professional in this field, managing multiple accounts for your restaurant, helps your social profile be the voice for that word of mouth.

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Increasing the ticket

It is paramount to the success and growth of your business that you have your customers increasing the total of a final ticket. This can be achieved by recommending the high priced items on the menus. Training your waitress and waiter staff to offer appetizers and desserts is an easy way to add items to the ticket and at the same time to please the customer, when perhaps they forgot about those options. Consider using table tents, separate drink menus that they can browse while they wait for their food. Any advertisement at the table that suggest the items that you want to push is helpful to promote the urge to consume a delicious item.

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Build a database

Build an email list of all your customers

It is not enough to have a website, you need to build your email list to maintain direct contact with your customers. Go ahead, collect all the email addresses that you can. Create an email list and offer coupons right away and regularly to those who subscribe. It’s a way to drive traffic back to your restaurant. Using a form directly on your website or even your facebook page is a great idea to attract visitors that opt-in to your email list in hopes of getting some special discounts.

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Testing the menu

The taste vs price

Every time you introduce a new dish to your menu, you want to make sure that you have a crowd test and taste your new creation. Invite a small group of friends and selected people that you can trust for an honest opinion. Have them try your food before you print those menus, take note of every suggestion since this is your chance to tweak the recipe. Ask for feedback on the food as well as on the price.

Although you might love the taste of a certain dish, the cost might not be the right one and your customers might not be willing to pay the price of your culinary piece.

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Provide Material for Employees

Always ensure you have employee materials ready so everyone have access to the same information and rules to follow. Create job descriptions, codes of conduct, guides, recipes and all other training handbook information that can help an employee to review their duties and responsibilities any time they require it. A unique recipe menu creates uniformity in the food for your cooks and so every meal is made to perfection and preserve the same flavor every time.

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We are a Marketing and Advertising company that specializes in the Design and revamp of Restaurants and food establishments concept. Following our strategic & collaborative approach we help create and develop the image that will represent such business and helps you position them above the competition with the use of social media and collateral materials.
Why is Branding so important?

Your brand sets the voice and tone of your restaurant.
When developing your restaurant concept, the brand influences everything, it is more than a logo and a tagline. Branding creates consistency of one idea, sets the mood of the environment for the prospective customers.
When should you start branding your concept?

NOW! Branding should be part of the concept creation process. Branding should start along the business plan and continue on throughout your restaurant’s life cycle.

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